What we do

What is a Case Manager?

Case management is the coordination of rehabilitation care and support that a person may need after a catastrophic injury. At SIA Case Management, a case manager is a qualified professional who assesses plans, implements, monitors and evaluates rehabilitation, care and support services for an individual following a spinal cord injury.

Our Case Managers:

  • Undertake holistic assessments which provide recommendations and associated costs relevant to the level of injury sustained and medico-legal details available.
  • Plan the rehabilitation needed ensuring all aspects of a persons life are considered both today and in the future
  • Provide access to experienced peer support services that can provide emotional support, practical advice and education about spinal cord injury for the injured person, their family, peers and school/employer.
  • Work with our employment support service and accredited care delivery support service for those families who wish to recruit their own support staff when required.

They work in a client centred way agreeing SMART goals with those involved and use creativity, initiative and problem solving skills to meet a client’s individual needs. Services are commissioned from the statutory, voluntary and private sectors and the case manager will be involved in organising services to meet health, social, educational and environmental needs.

For those clients actively involved in litigation the case manager will work with the legal team and the insurers involved as well as a wide range of service providers.  A case manager can work with a client and their family until all goals are met and/or funding ceases; for some, this involvement is life long and will involve transition arrangements to adulthood, independent living and beyond.

Why choose us?

SIA Case Management provides:

  • The largest national network of specialist case managers 
  • Supporting the Spinal Injuries Association with no additional cost
  • A multi–professional leadership team experienced in catastrophic injury, clinical governance and innovation
  • Access to the latest specialist training and development from the Spinal Injuries Association
  • On-going supervision of our case managers that involves clinal audits, professional development and peer to peer networking

All our case managers are members of one of the following professional organisations involved in case managemnt