Ben Tansley

Ben Tansley is SIA Case Management Ambassador and SIA Fundraiser of the Year 2019. In addition he’s a business owner, a son, a brother, a dad and a young man living with a Spinal Cord Injury. We’re delighted to be working closely with him to share inspiration and hope for other people living with a SCI.

Ben’s sustained a T4 incomplete SCI having been involved in a motorbike accident in 2017. He had been out with family in Norfolk when a car hit the bike that Ben was riding  with his son on the back. Life changed beyond recognition but over the last two years, Ben has been focusing hard on his rehabilitation, adapting to his new life, inspiring others and finding his new ‘normal’.

He regularly features on podcasts discussing the topics of adversity, mental health and a positive mind-set and can also be found at panel discussions sharing his story. His Instagram account has attracted over 35,000 followers who tune in regularly to see the latest chapter in his rehabilitation, life as a dad, regaining his life and his two kittens!

Fundraising is a passion of Ben’s who, since his SCI, has completed the Berlin Marathon and raised over £12,500 with his close friend Josh Patterson. SIA Case Management is working with Ben over the coming months to further share his story and inspire it’s clients to focus on rehabilitation, resilience and a positive mind-set in a video series titled ‘The Ripple Effect’ to explain the impact of SCI on life and how the injury has a continuing effect. Ben’s motto is ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and so his ripple effect is steeped in a can-do attitude and passion for life as he now knows it.

We’ll also be working with Ben on a new fundraising challenge for 2020 which will see him take on his biggest challenge yet!